Many of you are asking for so many anime series , that’s fine , and we are trying to bring you all of your requested series as fast as possible. The fact is every anime series , episodes , arc ,movie was bought be us with cash , and we try to upload every single anime immediately as possible after we succeed in buying the episodes or series that many of you requested or the community on this site just wanted in the first place . But right now we are paying nonstop for so much anime and high speed data base servers to cover everyone’s needs as fast as possible, that we cannot just meet the demand with our own budget !

We really need your help ! Please donate any amount so that we can pay for the servers which are beyond 1000 USD a month ! And if you make a request for an anime please at least try and donate whatever you can afford ,1 usd at least so we can cover at the minimum, 1 usd of the price we pay for that anime, and any anime on the site or just our servers .

Again , all of the anime on this site is paid and owned by us , we have them on this site so people can enjoy free anime at any time ad free .

PayPal and Crypto are available after every episode or in this link !

Thanks for being apart of this family and I really hope you can donate even 1 usd to our cause , and for every requested anime and for our incredible high speed servers that are giving you every episode in an instant !

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