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22 thoughts on “My Hero Academia season 5 episode 01 english sub

  1. You doing god’s work out here thank u so much >-< I can watch this for free and without any stupid ads 😀

  2. I literally wanted to scream when I saw this.

    (my dad asked me to make him tea and I was like so excited that I put in the wrong time into the microwave)

  3. I love you work so much but when will the dubbed version come out and sorry if it sounds like I’m rushing you because I’m trying my best not to

  4. Lol waited for a while.For me, I started watching this in october so the wait was not long, but still, the website da best

  5. you should also add a spot for the manga i would be so happy if you did this! please i need to know whats going on (my regular sites are blocked)

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