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12 thoughts on “Jujutsu Kaisen episode 22 online English sub

  1. Help there’s a bug!The subtitles for this episode is overlapping with the redo of healer episode 9 subtitles for some reason.

  2. It wont work for me like any anime I try to watch it wont work.It just is a black screen and wont even lod.

    1. The site is in perfect working condition , if you have problems try to clear the web browser cache , or use another browser like Firefox until the cache will be reset be itself .

  3. I’ve tried resetting and closing all the other apps but I still can’t get inside of Justin Kaizen episode 22 or redo of healer episode 9 I can’t even get inside of them can you check that out for me please

      1. Hmm same goes for me, all of the videos’ play buttons don’t work. There doesn’t seem to be a single episode I can watch. I’ve also restarted my laptop I also tried on my phone and it doesn’t work.

      2. Correction, not one episode is able to play. I just checked older videos and they are not running either. Worked just fine last sunday.

          1. The video is working , if you cant see the video thats a specific problem for you , and I need more details from you so we can see what the problem is and how can I help .

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