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6 thoughts on “Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 13 English Sub

  1. Bruh-
    that’s heartbreak to eremika shippers-
    I say this as one.
    tbh I would have actually laughed; I mean like has he REALLY always π—›π—”π—§π—˜π—— π—›π—˜π—₯?
    really π˜Œπ˜™π˜Œπ˜• π˜ π˜Œπ˜ˆπ˜Žπ˜Œπ˜™?!

  2. Zeke to Levi: I bet you’re not popular with the ladies

    Me: I-
    Also me: π—˜π˜…π—–π˜‚π—¦π—² 𝗠𝗲! π—§π—΅π—”π˜ π—œπ˜€ 𝗦𝗼 𝗑𝗼𝗧 𝘁π—₯π˜‚π—˜!

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